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How Do I Open A Live Or Demo Account With Hydra?

The process is easy:

On our website select one of the button links “Open A Live Account” or “Try A Free Demo Account”

Complete and submit the application, then check your email for further instructions and your account login details.

How Do I Need To Open A Live Account With Hydra?

You can open a live account with a little as $100 USD or equivalent amount in Euros, Pounds, Zloty or Lari

How Long Does It Take To Process My Application?

Once a completed application is received, it will be processed in one business day. In addition to the account application, Hydra Markets must also verify the identity and address of each account holder. For this reason a copy of a government issued ID such as a passport or driver’s license as well as some proof of residency is required. Once all documents are received, they will be reviewed and notification of approval sent to the email address provided by the trader during the application process. If all documents are submitted, the verification process should take no longer than 2 business days at most.

What Types Of Documents Are Acceptable?

Scanned copies of a passport, driver’s license, or national identity card are all acceptable forms of identification; expired documents will not be accepted. Hydra Markets must also verify the address of its account holders. Examples of acceptable documents are either a bank statement or utility bill. It’s important to note that the document is no older than 3 months and matches both the name and address supplied on the application.

I Forgot My Client Area Password. What Should I Do?

Please click on the “Forgot Password” link on the login box and enter your email address. The password will be send to your email.

I Forgot Password MT4 Password For A MT4 Platform. What Should I Do?

Please send email to support@hydramarkets.com with “Reset MT4 password” in the subject and your MT4 account number. Or you can contact support via live chat

What Kind Of Broker Is Hydra Markets?

Hydra Markets is an STP broker; all orders are passed directly to liquidity provider. Traders must not be concerned with a dealer potentially blocking or manipulating orders. Furthermore, Hydra Markets is only compensated by the spread or commission rate charged per trade.

Is Hydra Markets Regulated?

Hydra Markets Limited, Georgian Business No. 405081129 is registered in Georgia as a Full Investment Dealer. As such Hydra Markets is authorised to carry out the following activities:

  • Trading in foreign exchange (Forex or FX).
  • Trading in financial commodity-based derivative instruments and other securities such as Futures, Derivatives, Options, Interest Rates, Shares, Stocks, and CFDs.
  • Currency exchange and payment processing
  • Brokerage, investment consultancy, and advisory services pertaining to all financial instruments

In addition, the activity of Hydra Markets completely satisfies the requirements of The Democratic Republic of Georgia legislation as is stipulated by the Georgian National Bank.

Does Hydra Markets Offers MAM PAMM Investment Accounts?

Yes. Hydra Markets offers MAM/ PAMM accounts.For more information about the PAMM accounts please contact support here


Where Can I See The Swap Rates Offered By Hydra Markets?

Swap rates are fully visible in the Hydra Markets trading platform. One must simply right click on the Market Watch window, select Symbols, locate the desired currency and click on the Properties button.

How Often Do Swap Credits Or Debits Occur?

Swaps are charged on a daily basis, however, when a trade is held past 21:00 GMT on Wednesday, the rates are tripled. Because Forex trading is not available on the weekends, swaps are assessed 3 times on Wednesday as this is an industry standard.

Are Swaps Always A Negative Debit To My Account?

Actually, swaps offer traders the ability to earn money just for holding a trade open past 21:00 GMT. Swaps can either be positive or negative.

Does Hydra Markets Offer Swap Free Accounts?

Yes, these accounts are also available.

How Often Are Swaps Assessed On Accounts?

Every day at 21:00 GMT.

What Type Of Fees And Commissions Are Charged By Hydra Markets?

Because Hydra Markets offers several account types, the commissions and fees will vary per account. In general though they are only 3 types of fees: spreads, commissions, and swaps. For more details on these 3 charges, please see the Trading Accounts section of the Hydra Markets website. Hydra Markets does not charge an account opening fee or dormant account fee. In addition, there are no hidden fees charged to trading accounts.

For more information on the type of accounts that Hydra offers, please visit http://www.hydramarkets.com/account-choice.html

What Happens When A Trade Is Opened?

Because Hydra Markets is a pure STP broker, all orders are passed directly to our liquidity providers. Traders must not be concerned with a dealer potentially blocking or manipulating orders. Furthermore, Hydra Markets is only compensated by the spread or commission rate charged per trade.

Is It Possible To Leave Trades Open Over The Weekend And Holidays?

Yes, as long as there is sufficient margin in the trading account, positions will remain open over the weekend and during holidays. Before either the weekend or a holiday, it's important to pay careful attention to free margin. When trading resumes it is not uncommon for rates to "gap" or open significantly higher or lower from the previous market closing price, which has the potential to create a stop out on accounts with insufficient free margin.

What Are The Major Differences Between Live And Demo Accounts?

There are both differences and similarities between live and demo accounts. Starting with the similarities, the spreads, swap values, and price feed are the same on both live and demo accounts. This means that traders logged into demo accounts will see the exact same trading conditions that live traders receive. The main differences are that a demo account entails no risk since the money in the account is just for practice. In addition, demo accounts are not linked to a liquidity provider, which is an important difference. When a live account places an order it must be confirmed by the liquidity provider and executed, meaning that prices are never guaranteed, something especially true during news events.

Are Prices Guaranteed?

It's not possible for an STP broker like Hydra Markets to guarantee prices. Consider placing an order during an important economic news release. During these occasions the liquidity, or availability of buyers and sellers, is quite low. As a result, it can often be the case than an order is executed at a slightly worse price. Although traders can always execute orders during news events, those looking for more stability in their order execution should avoid trading around economic releases.

What Are The Most Commonly Traded Currency Pairs In The Forex Market?

Basically, the currency pairs of the world's major economic countries are the most traded: EUR/USD (The Euro vs the US Dollar), GBP/USD (Great British Pound), USD/CHF (Swiss Franc), USD/JPY (Japanese Yen), and USD/CAD (Canadian Dollar) are some examples. Those new to trading should focus only on these pairs since the most news and analysis on these pairs is available. In addition, the spreads or trading conditions for these pairs will also be the most competitive.

What Do The Terms "Long" And "Short" Mean?

These are simply industry terms for buying and selling. To "go long" is the same as saying to place a buy order, while "shorting" simply means to sell.

What Does A Leverage Ratio Of 100:1 Actually Mean?

In Spot Forex trading, leverage represents a comparison between the amount of margin a trader must set aside and the value that can be traded in the market. Consider an example with EUR/USD. Imagine that a trader with a US Dollar based account wishes to buy 1 lot (100,000 units) of this pair at the exchange rate 1.2500. The next paragraph will outline this example in more detail so that you can fully understand the concept of leverage.

With a leverage ratio of 100:1 the trader would need to set aside $1,250 of margin to enter the trade. How was this number derived? To start, remember that the trader will open a position which totals 100,000. Next let's look at the exchange rate of 1.2500. Because the account in this example is a US dollar account, we are actually trading 125,000 (100,000 X 1.2500). Finally, 1% of 125,000 is equal to $1,250. Another way of explaining leverage is to say that the margin requirement is 1%. Whether one uses leverage or margin, either description is sufficient in describing this concept.

Will My Currency Choice Of The Live Account Influence The Spread And Commission?

No, with Hydra you can trade in US dollars, Euros, Great British pounds or Polish zloty. All of these accounts have the same spreads, however the commissions will be charged in the currency of the trading account.

What Account Types can I Trade With Hydra?

We have 2 types of trading account ECN and Standard

ECN – We charge the commission separately from the spread.

  • We take "raw feed" price that we get from the banks. Than we later charge a $6 per lot commission to cover our expenses. This equates to $6 per $100,000 USD (1 full lot) or $0.6 per $10,000 USD (1 mini lot) or $0.06 per $1000 USD (1 micro lot).

​Standard – Commission is included into the spread.

  • Some strategies work well for ECN and others for Standard, so we provide the choice.We charge a commission of 0.6 pips per trade – This equates to $6 per $100,000 USD (1 full lot) or $0.6 per $10,000 USD (1 mini lot) or $0.06 per $1000 USD(1 micro lot). This would change depending on the pip value of the pair you are trading and also the currency of your account.

What is Spread?

The spread is the difference between the BID and ASK price and it is a Variable spread.

A variable spread is a spread that is not constant in value. A variable spread will expand and contract based on the market conditions and changes in liquidity. Normally as the market becomes volatile, a variable spread will become wider due to the fact that liquidity is becoming less and banks are less willing to grant executions at certain prices. Since Hydra Markets is a 100% STP broker, traders enjoy the opportunity to execute directly on bank feeds, so if a price is available they will receive an execution at said price with no middleman or intervention whatsoever.

What is Rollover?

Rollover is the period where Swap Rates are calculated and paid. This is the interest paid or earned for holding a position overnight. Each currency has an interest rate associated with it, and because Forex is traded in pairs, every trade involves not only two different currencies, but their two different interest rates.

What is Leverage?

Leverage allows forex traders to increase their market exposure past their actual investmentFor Hydra’s leverage policy please follow: http://www.hydramarkets.com/trading-conditions.html

What Is Hydra’s Default Leverage And Is It Possible To Change?

The default leverage for new accounts is 100:1

Yes it is possible to change the leverage. Send an email support@hydramarkets.com requesting the change.

What Is Margin?

Margin can be thought of as a good faith deposit needed to maintain open trades.

This is not a fee or a cost, it is simply a portion of your account equity set aside as a margin deposit. Keep in mind that trading on margin can affect your trading experience, profits and losses can be amplified.

How To Calculate Margin?

If USD is the base currency (USDCHF, USDJPY, USDCAD):

Margin = $100 000 x lot size / leverage

For example, if you open 0.3 lot of USDCHF with the leverage 100:1, the following margin will be required:

Margin = $100 000 x 0.3 / 100 = $300

If the leverage is 200:1,Margin = $100 000 x 0.3 / 200 = $150

However, if you are using the hedging feature (hedging means that you are opening 2 orders of the same currency pair: 1 order to buy and 1 order to sell), then margin is not required for 2 the orders.

For example, if you are opening buy 0.05 lot of USDCHF, you margin will be $50. If afterwards you are open a sell 0.05 lot of USDCHF, your margin will change to $0. The buy and the sell trades in the same currency pair, for the same lot size will cancel each other out, until one of the positions is closed.

If USD is the quote currency (EURUSD, GBPUSD) the required margin will be always different.

Margin= current quote × lot size x $100 000 / leverage

For example, if you open 0.05 lot of EURUSD with a current quote 1.2706 with the leverage 100:1, the following margin will be required:

1.2706 x 0.05 x 100 000 / 100 = $63.53

The leverage 200:1, Margin = 1.2706 x 0.05 x 100 000/200= $31.76

For all calculations please feel free to use the trader calculator on our website.


How To Calculate The Value Of A Pip?

If USD is the Quote currency, (e.g. EURUSD)

1 pip = 0.0001 x Units (Units: 1 lot = 100 000, 0.1 lot = 10 000, 0.01 lot= 1000)

If USD is the Base currency, (e.g. USDCHF)

1 pip = 0.0001 x Units/Quote

If it is a Cross currency pair, e.g. EURGBP:

1 pip = 0.0001 x Units x Quote currency quote (GBPUSD)

For all calculations please feel free to use the trader calculator on our website.


How To Calculate The Equity?

Equity = Balance + Floating Profit - Floating Loss

For all calculations please feel free to use the trader calculator on our website.


How To Calculate The Margin Level?

Margin Level = (Equity/Margin) x 100

For all calculations please feel free to use the trader calculator on our website.


What Is A Margin Call?

A Margin Call will occur on a trader's account when:

Usable Margin = 0

Or when a Trader's Equity = Used Margin

Margin calls often occur due to over leveraging. Using more leverage can increase your gains, but it can also increase losses, which will quickly deplete your usable margin. The more leverage you use, the faster your losses can accumulate.

For stop out levels please check http://www.hydramarkets.com/account-choice.html

What Happens When I Get A Margin Call On MT4?

When a margin call occurs, trades will be closed one by one until Free Margin is greater than zero and the margin level is greater than 30%.

The trades are close in order of the size of their loss, from the largest loss to the smallest loss, as recorded in the "Profit" column at the time of margin call.

Largest losing trade closed first.

What Are Stop Out Levels?

Stop out level refers to the point at which all active positions in the Forex market are closed automatically by a broker due to a reduction in the trader’s margin to levels that can no longer sustain the open position.

For stop out levels please check http://www.hydramarkets.com/account-choice.html


What Is The Minimum Deposit?

The minimum deposit is $100 USD or equivalent amount in Euros, Pounds, Zloty or Lari

How Soon Can I Deposit Funds?

Funds can be deposited at any time during the application process; however, the application must be fully verified before live trading is activated.

How Long Will It Take To Process My Deposit?

Once funds arrive, your deposit will be posted to your account within one business day. Please note that the speed in which Hydra Markets receives your deposit is dependent upon the merchant.

How Much Does It Cost To Deposit And Withdrawal?

Deposits are free.

Hydra Markets does not charging any fees for deposits or withdrawals, however banks can charge a fee for wire transfers.

What is the safety of my funds with Hydra Markets?

Hydra Markets maintains isolated client accounts to ensure that client funds are fully segregated from Hydra Markets own funds at all times. All client funds deposited at Hydra Market are completely separated. As a client, you can be assured that your funds are safe.

Is My Account Subject To Taxation?

Because Forex is an OTC (Over The Counter) market, there is not a government body which oversees the taxation of FX trading. Hydra Markets highly suggests speaking with either a financial planner or tax advisor regarding the tax implications of trading Forex.

Is It To Possible To Fund In Gel Currency?

Yes. You can send your deposit to our TBC GEL bank account and we will convert it into USD using the current spot rate and fund your MT4 acc. Withdrawals work in a similar way, see below “Is It To Possible To Request A Withdrawal In Gel Currency?”

Is It To Possible To Withdrawal In Gel Currency?

Yes. You can request a withdrawal in your client area and add the note on the end of the withdrawal form that you wish to receive your withdrawal in GEL. We will convert the amount to GEL using the current spot rate and send the withdrawal to your bank acc.

Note: Hydra Markets also reserves the right to use the spot rate from the day of the deposit.

How Many Withdrawals Can Be Requested In Day/ Is There A Limit To The Amount Of Withdrawals In A Month?

Traders are free to withdraw funds as often as they wish. There is no limit to the number of withdrawals that are requested in day.

How Quickly Will My Withdrawal Be Processed?

All withdrawals are processed within one business day of receipt. Please note that once Hydra Markets has processed a withdrawal, it could take additional time before the funds reach your account. Withdrawals are processed within the set time, which varies for every payment system; however, in some cases the time of the withdrawal can be increased up to 5 working days.

What Bank Accounts May I Withdraw Funds To?

Hydra Markets will gladly wire funds to any bank account that is registered in the name of the account holder. It is not possible, however, to wire funds to a bank account owned by another individual or entity as this would be considered money-laundering.

What Deposit Options Does Hydra Offer?

Funds can be deposited via credit card, debit card, NETELLER, SKRILL or wire transfer in the following currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, GEL, and PLN.

For more information please follow http://www.hydramarkets.com/deposits-and-withdrawals.html

How I Can Make Deposit Using NETELLER?

Using NETELLER is a simple process and you can fund your account using bank wire or credit/debit cards. To make a deposit using NETELLER please open an account on www.neteller.com

To make a deposit to your MT4 trading account using NETELLER please follow the few simple points:

  • You must first have funds in your NETELLER account. For more information about NETELLER please visit www.neteller.com
  • Sign into your NETELLER account and deposit funds using your preferred payment method. Confirm your account balance.
  • Log into your Hydra Markets Client Area and click on Deposit Funds button. Under the Online Payment - click on NETELLER.
  • Select the MT4 trading account that you wish to fund.Enter your NETELLER Secure ID, Email, amount to fund and currency.
  • Click on to Pay button.

How I Can Make Deposit Using Skrill?

Using SKRILL This is a worldwide payment gateway that used to be called Money Bookers. Paying with Skrill is a simple process, you just need to open an account with Skrill at www.skrill.com

Our Skrill accounts:

usd@hydramarkets.com for USD deposits

pln@hydramarkets.com for PLN deposits.

eur@hydramarkets.com for Euro and

gbp@hydramarkets.com for GBP deposits.

Please put your MT4 number in the comment.

Once complete, please send us the confirmation receipt to support@hydramarkets.com

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Risk Warning:
The speculation of both leveraged foreign exchange (FX) and Contracts For Difference (CFDs) products is undertaken in order to potentially earn a profit from the price difference between the opening and closing of the transaction. Because leverage can work either in favour of or against the investor, FX and CFD transactions carry an extreme level of risk. For these reasons, FX and CFD trading may not be suitable for all investors as it is possible to lose a partial or full amount of the invested capital. You should only trade with capital that you are willing to lose. In addition, before making any trading decisions, it is highly suggested that you review the associated risks while taking into account your investment objects and level of experience. Past trading performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. If you have any doubts, seek independent advice from a financial advisor.

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